“My artwork is a celebration of the female form, an invitation to explore the dignity and grace of femininity. My work  is a reminder of who we are as women and what we are capable of. The acknowledgement that the feminine lives within all of us:

Our grief, our joy. Our defiance and courage. The quiet rebellion for autonomy and unconditional love. Our voices against coercion and convention. Together we rise and raise the transformative power of the feminine soul.”

Wandelweise is an invented word that is inspired by two very important aspects of my work: transformation and wisdom – the themes that inspire and underpin my work. Wandelweise creates a third concept: the transformation and wisdom that we gain from transforming ourselves.

My art is an extension of the work I do as an Inner Development Coach – a reflection of my own healing and spiritual journey. Wandelweise is the art of healing evolving into healing art. I believe that the feminine power that resides in all humans, not just in women, holds the key to healing and transformation.

My art offers a glimpse into this dimension through mark making, colours and symbolism.  The women portrayed in my paintings have their eyes closed in stillness, symbolising an inward gaze, honouring their strength and wisdom that lies within.

This stillness, a powerful ally, shows us the path for transformation and healing in ourselves, with others, in society and ultimately our planet. For the last decade I have moved through life, camera in hand – catching glances that touch me, moments that reveal the complexities and beauty of life.

I was immersed in visual poetry which was an expression of intuition, love and healing.During a retreat in 2016 my painting journey started with watercolours where visuals flowed intuitively and spontaneously onto paper.

The watercolours developed and blossomed into the creation of mandalas and I experimented with watercolours in tandem with photography.

As my work progressed, watercolours of women emerged, mostly women with closed eyes. This became my signifier of inner strength, a connection with my imagination and intuition, getting to know my inner landscape.

My parents migrated from Turkey to Germany at the end of the 1960s and, due to their cultural background, lived out beliefs that as a child of the female sex, did not allow me the freedom of self-determination. An illness of my uterus brought with it the chance to heal the wound of the suppression of the female power.

A spiritual art that should be accessible to the future of humanity in its healing and sacred dimension, directing the mind towards the beauty of change and inspiring courage for a world to reconcile love and power – the female and male principle united in every human being.

The pictures that flowed from my intuition were the companions of my spiritual journey and transformation. Painting and photography filled me with joy and happiness and it became my elixir of life. My culturally conditioned experience of oppression as a child, the years of struggle for freedom and autonomy as an adolescent woman and the sacrifice of my womb was ultimately the battle for my creative freedom.

The Wandelweise portraits are an invitation to step deeper into yourself – to the core of your being. To a place where you were brought to life through the feminine divine. My deepest wish is that my work will inspire change, transformation, innovation and that the female dimension will be recognised in all humans. Once the feminine power is dignified within all of us, true healing will take place in ourselves and towards Mother Earth. The healing of ourselves and our planet is completion to me.


FILIZ DÜZENLI /*1972 Germany


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